Gavin Hall

Horses for sale

Phew. I just finished a big project. A horse auction site based out of Lexington, and one of the first of its kind in the US. Take a look over at


We built it using a combination of Nuxt JS and Laravel with a Websockets layer to provide high concurrency, low latency realtime bidding that would support a benchmark of ~10,000 active bidders within 100ms of each other with no discernable delay. The coupling of these technologies worked like a charm. The search is powered by Algolia and payments via the Stripe invoice API platform. I feel very proud of this stack and confident it will last for many years to come.

Rec soccer revamp

A slow burning project we have in the background at Magnet is a complete rebuild of Gotham Soccer.

Gotham Soccer

Its been a fun example of a client project that had a legacy Codeigniter platform that was in use by a lot of administrators, and the cost of change was too great, yet the frontend was in dire need of some modern love. To get past this hurdle, we decoupled the frontend into a new Nuxt JS lightweight clientside app, and built an API layer to connect the legacy backend.

The project is slightly on hold due to the Covid crisis but we hope to roll it out before the end of the year.